Verus Ceramiche di Caltagirone

Verus conducts a virtuous activity of reinterpreting the concept of artistic majolica and with it he molds objects of the highest aesthetic and historical value. In fact, Verus ceramics go back to the legendary origins of Caltagirone’s potters in the Arab period. Reified in the classic form of the Moro Head and in the ornate decorations, it reaches an all contemporary design dimension in the skilful use of colored glazes and innovation of traditional forms. The Verus ceramics captures the mission of making furniture a manifestation of artistic culture and an enrichment of the spaces: the play of lights of the warm and cold colors blue, orange, yellow and green are luxuriously directed by the masculine and female features of the Moro heads, from the soft bracts of pinecones or more from the plastic poses of the oil lamps.

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