Testa di Moro Mother of pearl Blue

  • Azzurro Madreperla

Testa di moro "Res parva praetiosa collection", produced handcraft and decorated by hand. Finish: mother of pearl light blue, glossy antique white and pure gold details. 

Manufactured with ceramic of Caltagirone.

The vase with the form of Testa di Moro hides a thousand-year history, until it developed as one of the most fascinating and tragic legends of Sicilian mythology. The story dates back to the year 1000, during the period of Saracen occupation, in which Sicily was populated with dark-skinned oriental men, who were soon redefined as "mori". Legend narrates that a young dark man, moro, fell hopelessly in love with a Sicilian girl, while he watched her taking care of the plants of her flourishing balcony. The moro declared his love for the girl and she was soon seduced by the exotic charm of the young foreigner. But the passion was fatal: in fact, the young man hid a secret because his wife and children were waiting for him in the East. The girl, gripped by anger at the inadmissible discovery, waited for the night and the deep sleep of her lover to make a tragic gesture: she hit the moro deadly and decided to cut off his head. The Sicilian transformed the moro’s head into a vase and planted a basil sprout. Every night her tears watered the plant that grew lush in the memory of love and guilt of the wicked gesture. The fragrance and beauty of that basil aroused so much envy that the neighbors began to reproduce in terracotta the particular form of head of the vase and so began the extraordinary tradition of the Moro heads.

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