Pinecone Satin white

  • White

Pinecone produced handcraft and decorated by hand. Finish: satin white. Manufactured with ceramic of Caltagirone.

The symbolic interpretation of the pinecone contains the expression of fertility, immortality and well-being. Since ancient times the pinecone, generated from an evergreen plant called the pine, has become an auspicious ornament and prosperity for the house and for the family that lives there. By virtue of this beneficial meaning, owning a ceramic pinecone is a common practice throughout Sicily. It generally adorns the entrances of the house, such as doors or gates, but you can also see it in plain view on terraces and balconies where the pinecone is placed as a symbol of openness and hospitality. The creation of this pinecone takes place through a handmade process: the craftsman uses the lathe for modeling  two pieces of clay that take the form of the base cap and the foot. Once the two parts are joined, he continues applying each bract individually. Finally, the terracotta is embellished with colored glazes, lusters and gold.

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