Oil lamp Mother of pearl blue

  • Azzurro Madreperla

Oil lamp artisan-made and hand-decorated. Finishing:  mother of pearl blue light dress with details in pure gold. Design: Architect Gabriele Cardillo. 

Manufactured with ceramic of Caltagirone.

The artistic expertise of the architect Gabriele Cardillo reinterprets the form of the traditional anthropomorphic oil lamp for Verus. A very diffused object with a poor mold, the 16th century oil lamp assumes the plastic form of noblewomen and gentlemen, rich in clothing of the time and brilliant in the colors of traditional majolica. The intuition of the master ceramists of the fifteenth century to embellish a simple form like the light, came from the need to make attractive ceramic products against those in bronze or copper, for the sumptuous Sicilian salons. The elegance that the poses and decorations brang on the lady’s clothes and jewels with the combination of technical innovations adapted on the lamp (such as the replacement of the oil tank with a compartment affixed to the head of the figure) ensured imperishable presence in almost every Sicilian house. Today, Cardillo with its reinterpretation is able to give to the old oil lamp a new dimension like an object of high design, while maintaining its function as a oil lamp but also giving on the other hand its autonomy like a precious majolica sculpture.

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