Verus has welcomed the heritage of the historic ceramics of Caltagirone putting beside innovative ideas of lustrous decoration and precious combinations between matt and glossy. The Verus team plays with the details and the eclecticism of the furnishing styles and does it with an unusual elegance in the panorama of majolica. The combination of ancient and contemporary is perfectly aligned thanks to the vision of the two founders of Verus: Francesco Alparone and Filippo Vento. The knowledge of the art of ceramics and the direct experience as a potter of Filippo finds the enterprising of Francesco, a young entrepreneur with a strong commercial character. Their modus operandi combines the most authentic know-how on ceramics with the desire to do business to and from Caltagirone. By virtue of this, the company continues to draw vital life from the rich cultural baggage of the majolica of Caltagirone and gives a lecture of the territory and of the aesthetically fascinating object, suited to the lines of contemporary design and at the same time faithful to the forms and materials of tradition. The Versus team optimized in the time the accurate attention to the majolica people’s needs: a constant innovation has accompanied the company’s growth path that could win the bets on the use of special glaze or also on the decoration in mono and duotone. Thanks to this business vision, the ceramics branded Verus result in perfect balance between majesty and essentiality: a successful union in the uniqueness of each piece handcrafted created.

The success of their experiments on ceramics speaks for itself: the Mori of Verus have crossed since long time the borders of Caltagirone and are widely appreciated and distributed in Italy and abroad. Finally, Verus wanted to add another element in the process of manufacturing’s growth: the company vaunts the precious commercial partnership with Abhika belonging to Group Enzo de Gasperi in a line entirely planed in co-branding.

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